Coconut Pakora

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I would like to introduce a new snake which is easy to make and can make within the short time. It is very tasty, delicious and healthy for all. It needs to fry by oil but not looks oily. Its flavor is so much attractive. It’s can be made easily because most of the ingredients are available in our kitchen. It will take the maximum of 25 to 30 minutes to make and serve. Let’s try to make it.


1. 1 Cup of rice powder,

2. 1 tablespoon of flour,

3. 1 cup of coconut mince,

4. 1 pc egg,

5. 1 cup of onion mince,

6. ½ cup coriander leaves,

7. ½ teaspoon of garlic paste,

8. 4 or 5 pieces green chill mince,

9. Salt as per test,

10. 2 cup cooking oil,

11. 2 tablespoons Tomato sauce.


At first, take a bowl and have to mix all the ingredients one by one. Green chill, Onion mince, garlic paste, coriander leaves, salt ¼ teaspoon, coconut mince are all ingredients have to mix one by one very well in a bowl by hand. Then add rice powder, flour and an egg with the mixing. It is most important that all the ingredients have to be mix very well by the hand. In this stage, no water will be used with this mixer. Now make the dove medium size oval shave ball by hand. Now it’s ready for fry in cooking oil.


In a cooking, pan put 2 cups of cooking oil and hit properly on the stove in high heat at list 3 minutes. When the oil will be heated then need to make a fire in between low- medium and put the balls one by one into the oil for the cook. Its need to cook approx. 5 minutes then need to have to flip all the balls by the stick. And cook around 5-7 minutes until the balls become brown color. When the balls are cooked well then need to take out all the balls from to pan and put into a food basket to fall down extra oil from it.

You can serve it with tomato sauce or salad

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